Santa Catalina

You will find us right in the center of Santa Catalina (Veraguas), a small fishing village on the Pacific coast of Panama, the easiest departure point to explore one of the country’s most stunning parks: Coiba National Park

Located two hours from Santiago and seven hours from Panama City,  you’ll find two small grocery stores, a fruit and vegetable store and many hotels and restaurants that cater to all budgets. The nearest main town is Soná, located just over an hour away by bus, is still relatively small, but there you will find larger supermarkets and facilities including a post office and a bank (we do have an ATM). In Santa Catalina, although there is a pharmacy, there is no doctor, so make sure that if you require a medical clearance for freediving, you get this done before your arrival here.

As a tourist destination much of the small community’s income and industry is derived through tourism. In the high season (from December to April), hostels fill up, whilst in the low season the town feels like a sleepy village where you can lose yourself in the slow pace of life.

Activities include of course freediving and scuba diving, but also surfing (location of the Panamerican Surfing games 2023), yoga, kayaking, and horseback riding. There are two beautiful beaches where you can relax and if you dare, you can attempt the 1.5 kilometer swim (or paddle) out to Santa Catalina Island.